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Of the eight books Review Essay Example

Of the eight books Review Paper Essay on Of the eight books For some reason, lately the arm caught only collections of poetry. About Vera Pavlova knew for a long time, some of her poetry reading, and they even liked me, but for a book hand moved when I heard in one of the shows as DV, which was asked to characterize the creativity of different poets, said: Faith Pavlova wet . What does it mean wet? And in general: what is it, this Vera Pavlova? Specially bought a book in which he collected the experience of many years of work, which fit the verses of eight anthologies, and two-thirds of his past life. The first impression that she was very frank that he can only talk about myself, and nothing but the truth, no matter how intimate it It was. the book is read, and it seems that you know about Pauls everything: where she was born, who were the parents, she learned what it was like to give birth to daughters, marry and divorce, suffer severe disease and recover, to write poetry, to love and to live: to live scared. live strange. We will write a custom essay sample on Of the eight books Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Of the eight books Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Of the eight books Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer live hurt. to live very funny. Life is like a strange game with the world in which we are all included: One well-known game: take a lie tear eat yelling to shit Will you play? Will and what to do! So, we must find in this life of love, which will be the meaning of all She can say.. I love, she remembers the young love in the hallway and did not see it as anything vulgar and disgusting, she knows. that is to break hearts, but in fragments walks barefoot, she realizes that this woman is made of very hard (Adams rib), being able to turn it into a very soft. She knows what it means to be in love and happy: He: When you do not have, I think You just left in the next room She: When you go into the next room, . it seems to me you are no more She knows how to love a man like a son born from him (so thats triple the love). Strong and fragile, fragile, because time does not spare, do not feel sorry, sorry, get out of cigarettes, come back and I am aged » There is no love.? So do it Done!. What more do we do? Let us care, tenderness, courage, jealousy, satiety, lie In addition to love, in the poems of Vera Pavlova lives the passion: the beating bodies. but quiet with no exclamation marks. This sliding the tip of my tongue on your sky, on your breast, hand beaded, stomach  »: And there was light inside the abdomen and closed her eyes fearing blind and covered her face Moses and you see I feel good still, the man in the poetic world of Vera Pavlova: husband, lover, lover, unique, passionate, gentle first of all, the executioner (kind and caring): Do you want to part fun, want a little cry .- a purely male profession alone in the world the hangman Are all as it should! done: submitted Whether the verdict? Do scaffold soft bed, ringing eh sharpened ax? In her poetry there are men and angels, are not distinguished from each other, Masoch de Gardens (stomatoginekologi), Anna Akhmatova ( and the word of the x-th place on the elevator wall reread eight times), Mary and Joseph, Moses and Solomon, his mother and father, both his grandfather, daughter, loved men. They are all in a row, because they are your favorite pieces of life, and therefore, the particles work. Particles, because Vera Pavlova said about old age, which has not yet come only Venus Palaeolithic nothing can be repelled, but approaching death, but does not believe in its existence:. I already know there is no death still do not know how to inform the deceased. She even occasionally writes itself epitaph, without fear of self-fulfilling prophecy: Here Pavlova Vera is, that, brothers-Slavs, said about the feelings of their such simple words, that seems to do without them. its so much of this, wet, flow, life and heaven. I have read and understand what its all about me: The attempt biogra: catching fireflies, read till morning, in love in eccentrics, a flood of tears lila for no apparent reason, two daughters gave birth by seven men. And it is not just about me. About Us. Women. Do not stand on the pain threshold, enter the world of Vera Pavlova, it will help.

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